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ATTENTION: Is Your Home Safe From A Dryer Vent Fire?
Scott Stein, Founder
My Company Allows Your Family to Not Worry About a Dryer Vent Fire
The U.S. Fire Administration reports that each year there are approximately 15,600 house fires from dryer vent blockages and clogs, resulting in 400 injuries and 15 deaths. 

Safe Dryer Vent Solutions offers dryer vent cleaning, repair, and installations in all types of buildings and facilities and provides many benefits. Dryer vents that are properly cleaned and maintained prevent fires, lowers energy bills by $20-$30 per month, decreased drying cycle time, and increases the life of expensive appliances. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you increase the safety and energy efficiency of your home or business!
Dryer Vent
Dryer manufacturers recommend having your dryer vents inspected and cleaned yearly to prevent clogs from affecting the performance and safety of your clothes dryer
Dryer Vent Installation
Per Indiana Code
We know and follow Indiana code and the 2012 International Mechanical code - section 504 for Clothes Dryer Exhaust installation
Replace Vinyl / Aluminum Flex Vent
All Dryer Manufacturer state "do not install flexible plastic or non-metal flexible duct because it is a potential fire hazard"
Debris Removal from Vents
Bird nests inside your ductwork? Years of lint and other debris costing you money in drying time? We will remove the debris
Vent Cover Replacement
Broken or missing louvers on the cover? Does your dryer have the wire mesh still installed?  Time for a fix
Bathroom Exhaust Vents!
Those long showers creating too much humidity and moisture in a concentrated space - we can get it out. Bathroom Vent Repair!
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