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ATTENTION: Is Your Home Safe From A Dryer Vent Fire?
About Safe Dryer Vent Solutions
Safe Dryer Vent Solutions is a fully insured, Local Veteran-Owned Business that serves customers throughout Central Indiana. We provide a free inspection and quote to the following counties: Hendricks, Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Shelby, Morgan, and Johnson counties.
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General Questions and Answers
Written by Scott Stein on Jan. 6th 2017
For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How often should I clean my dryer vent?

A: Dryer exhaust vents should be inspected and cleaned at least ...

Q: How much does it cost to have my dryer vent cleaned professionally?

How to Know if Your Dryer Vent May Have a Problem
Written by Scott Stein on Oct. 17th 2017
How can you know if your dryer vent may have a problem that SAFE DRYER VENT SOLUTIONS can help with?  It is very simple.  Ask if any of these problems are present in you house:

Does your dryer takes multiple cycles to dry…  Does your dryer smells of mildew…

Dryer Manufactuer Safety Warnings  (pdf)
Written by Scott Stein on March 20, 2018
The following pdf shows the Dryer Manufacturer Safety Warnings.  Please check to see what is listed for your dryer to review current information.
Dryer Fire Fact Sheet and the Consumer Safety Warning
Written by Scott Stein on March 20, 2018
Statistics and Implications

Dryer exhaust fires now surpass creosote (chimney) fires in frequency on a national level. In 1998, the most recent statistics available, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 15,600 dryer fires occurred killing 20 people, injuring 370 more
Contests and Giveaways
Written by Scott Stein on March 20, 2018
Contests and Giveaways

We run a number of regular promotions, giveaways and contests.  Please bookmark this page for updates - and make sure you follow us on Facebook where we run the contests!
Does Your Installer Know the Code?
Written by Scott Stein on April 25, 2018
Statistics and Implications

Indiana follows the guidelines set in place in Section 504 of the International Mechanical code.  Our installers maintain the "Certified Dryer Eshaust Technician" rating and follow the code.  We have provided a copy of the code
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